Shop floor data capturing system with worker motivation feedback

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Production line data capturing with workforce motivation

Shop floor data collection system that provides the workforce with messages and capture downtime during production process. The message aimed to motivate the workforce. The nodes collect the data from stage and deliver to terminal PC. This has made the system cost effective to implement and has minimal space in the production area.



  • Raw-material tracing
  • Raw-material feeding time-stamp
  • Time-stamp for finishing each stage
  • Worker ID
  • Time-stamp for worker availability
  • Machine status switch


  • To trace/measure the performance of the worker
  • Analyze the behavior of workers through their performance
  • Inform worker of their performance online
  • Validate components online
  • Trace components online
  • Quick action to events
  • Smart production planning
  • Trace of performance over working hours


  • Personal message
  • Assembly stations status
  • Performance reports
  • Efficiency pattern


  • Improve quality
  • Increase productivity
  • Motivate workforce
  • Higher efficiency
  • Production traceability
  • Material control
  • Reducing lead time
  • Online activity tracking, reporting downtime
  • Lower downtime
  • Measurement of effectiveness
  • Enhanced human behavior
  • Switch as counters can be needed
  • Different report can be obtained
  • Accurate process time counting


  • Smart manufacturing approach
  • Shop-floor data capturing system
  • Real-time data analyzing system
  • Message feedback system
  • Material traceability
  • On-time motivation system
  • Compact and simplified solution
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Corrective job assignment
  • Social networking approach
  • Six Sigma approach
  • Equipment monitoring (quality, quantity, location on time)
  • Workforce monitoring (reliability, qualification, availability)