Peak Demand Controller


Power Conservation System for Home & Workplace


Peak Demand causes:

  • Higher investment towards building new power stations to cover the peak demand periods.
  • Higher generation cost as electricity utilities cannot shut down generators covering peak demand; making generation efficiency lower.
  • High effect on environment due to the increase of fuel consumption and CO2 generation.


iCB enables utilities to achieve:

  • Remote control of consumption during peak demand or in case of disaster.
  • Reduce the amount of investment to build new power stations.
  • Lowering the price of electricity to consumers.
  • Protect environment by lowering fuel consumption and CO2 generation.
  • Responsiveness to fluctuating supply, reduce blackout when demand is greater than generation.
  • Understand consumer behavior and electricity usage patterns.
  • Tapping into Smart Grid applications.
  • Lowering transmission losses; the resources needed to meet peak demand.
  • Facilitating integration of intermittent renewable generation, achieving set targets in a shorter time.