Avoid Fire Incidents

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

The conventional fire alarm sensors installed on the ceiling of our rooms will trigger alarm signal after detecting infrared or smoke or high rate of heat rise.


Flashover in 5 Minutes

Modern Room

Flashover in 29 Minutes

Legacy Room

UL – Underwriters Laboratories determined that fires nowadays are more dangerous and pose higher risks than in the past. Fire propagation is faster and time to flashover, escape times and collapse times are all shorter. The “legacy room” – a room using materials from 1970’s takes nearly 30 minutes to get to the “flashover” point where the room gets engulfed. Meanwhile, the “modern room” – a room using modern material reaches flashover in less than five minutes.

Modern building materials flash over in a very short time, thus not giving enough time to extinguish the fire.
Prefa, with its smart micro sensor placed inside electrical wiring compartment gives early warning about Electrical Fire conditions.
Avoid Fire Incidents unlike traditional fire sensors.


Compact / Low cost

IoT solution

Early warning

incase of fire incidents

Daily report

on sensor functionality

No installation required

just dump in connection box

Long battery life

10 years